Advertising vs Marketing


Those who are not familiar with the marketing industry often find themselves puzzled when trying to understand the differences between marketing and advertising. Contrary to popular belief, marketing and advertising are not the same thing. In fact, they are two distinctly different techniques made to be used hand in hand with one another in order to increase sales or business. This being advertising and marketing in a nutshell, the details go far deeper.

The first thing to understand is that advertising is always marketing, but marketing is not always advertising. Put simply, advertising usually consists of using some aspect of the media - whether it be print, radio or television - to relay a message to the public. Online advertising can be extremely targeted and is why it is becoming more popular each year.  One specific examlpe of this is the ability to target both topically and geographically through avenues such as Google Local listings. Advertising is a direct to consumer marketing method, as it targets specific groups of people at strategic times and locations. Let it be known that quite a bit of thought and planning goes into advertising campaigns, as a complete campaign is made up of print ads, radio ads and television ads, all meant to play off of one another in a way that will maximize results for the client or business being advertised. You can find more great business success tips at including information on product differentiation and customer service.

So what is marketing? Marketing is everything that advertising is not; it's also a bit difficult to explain. To help illustrate what makes up marketing, take the example of a typical marketing firm. The industry operates simply because a business needs help marketing, they come to you and you do it for them. The business may use techniques such as business intelligence taking advantage of internet data resources to find potential clients.  In the agency, each person serves a specific role in carrying out the client's marketing. The public relations executive will be in charge of planning events, communicating with the press and getting the client the recognition they deserve. When talking about marketing it's important to remember that good business ethics are at the front of any successful marketing campaign.  Crime Radius is a wonderful source of information for all looking to learn more about the importance of business ethics.  The strategist will be in charge of putting together a strategic campaign of PR, advertising and any other marketing techniques (such as interactive) that may serve the client best. The creative team will design and create graphics such as logos and collateral, and will assist in planning the campaign. Finally, the account manager will tie everyone in the agency together in order to make sure the process is streamlined and effective. This is what marketing is. Many small businesses will not have man power available to support all these roles and it is often more advantageous to hire an outside consultant.  This is often most common when focusing on internet marketing as it is a newer medium requiring unique knowledge and experience to maximize your efforts.  Many resources are available online and we suggest Adcuda SEO services in Kansas City.

Marketing and advertising are undoubtedly important but just as important is the moral of your employees.  Unhappy or unfulfilled employees will not as benificial as they possibly could be.  There are many ways to improve moral which could include employee recognition programs, acheivement reward, or doing something fun together.  These events can focus on leadership training, teamwork, or other aspects.

Marketing is any type of promotional activity done in a client's interest that is not traditional advertising (print, radio and television). When your company holds a promotional event to try to increase foot traffic coming through the door, this is marketing - not advertising. When a company needs an incredibly unique package for their new product, this is marketing. In many ways, marketing is extremely subtle while advertising is more to the point. By learning the difference between the two, it becomes much more clear why each has its role.

Another very specific field of marketing is mobile marketing which is marketing efforts specifically focused towards those using smart phones and other mobile electronics devices.  Most consider this field to be in it's infancy but is growing quickly.  Although a new field you can also find numerous specializing companies who already have a proven track record of success in this field. 

While they are both different from one another, marketing and advertising basically rely on one another in order to reach success. In other words, marketing doesn't usually work well without an advertising campaign, and advertising falls flat if there is no supplemental marketing to support it. By using the two techniques together, a company will have a much better chance of increasing and maintaining the sales they would like to see.

While it is possible to advertise or market your company as an individual, you will do much better to work with a marketing firm that is well experienced in this realm. Marketing can be tricky, and is just as much art as it is science. Learning how to formulate a strategic campaign is a skill that takes years of experience to hone. Putting your trust in a well-respected marketing firm can ensure that your marketing efforts go off without a hitch.